Our organization has been providing jobs for people with disabilities in Harrison County, West Virginia, since 1969, originally known as the Harrison County Sheltered Workshop (The Workshop). 

In 2013, our name was changed to better reflect the mission and values of our organization to Empowerment Through Employment, Inc. or ETE. 

Today, we are known as WorkAble Industries, Inc.

Although our name has changed over the years, our mission has remained the same: to empower people with disabilities through meaningful employment.

WorkAble provides employment services for people with disabilities, ranging from on-the-job support employment and off-site job search assistance to on-site employment and career building services. 

Our career programs offered on-site allow our employees to be involved in the manufacturing of some of our wood products and also among other areas such as with our document shredding, janitorial and clerical services, and quality assurance. To help our workers with disabilities find success, we also help with placement with other employers in accordance with each individual’s interests and skills.

Our unique organizational model has withstood the test of time, making this a unique business that offers quality and affordable products and services that you won’t find anywhere else, while employing and supporting people with disabilities.

Meet Our Team

Leadership & Staff

At WorkAble we support employees with disabilities in various career programs and settings, for both the on-site departments and the community career placement services. Our programs are designed to support persons with disabilities who are interested in exploring and discovering their employment and career potential whether in a business in surrounding communities or in our on-site lines of business.

Greg Morris, CEO

Brenda Oliverio, General Manager
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Diane Bennett
Bookkeeping Manager
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Rick Kirkpatrick
Program Manager
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Amy Marple
Program Manager
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Meredith Seibert
Vocational Services Manager
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Cherie Dean
Program Coordinator
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Pete Snider Jr.
Program Coordinator
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At Workable Industries, Inc., we place emphasis on abilities, not disabilities, as a measure of success. Our employees have the opportunity to engage in different areas of our career programs and are welcome to move around to complete different tasks depending on our supply levels and orders.


Teresa Allen

Albert Cox

Nancy McElroy

Mickey Petitto

Kimberly Reaser

Thomas Rhine

Tom Steele

Matthew Ziman

WorkAble Industries, Inc.
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